We are here on a magnificent journey. Each of us has been given a unique set of experiences and opportunities that help shape who we are and the choices we make.

It never ends. Our Evolution towards bettering ourselves is an ongoing project.

We heal and grow by peeling back the layers and exposing the underside of our vulnerability. As we unearth parts of ourselves that need to be examined and addressed, we are called to make a choice. We can maintain status quo, regress… or Evolve.

Evolution requires us to be fully present. We must take an honest look at ourselves through the lens of objectivity. To do that, we must cultivate the observer within us. From the observer’s perspective, we can truly assess where we are along the pathway of our personal growth, and decide what actions are needed.

We foster mindfulness when we have the ability to pause and really see what is going on. It requires honesty, courage, strength and grace.

Instituting mindful practices can help guide us along the trajectory of our development. These tools can facilitate greater understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

We can control what unfolds around us. We can, however, instill the methodologies to help us navigate ambiguity.

In order for any growth to take place, we need to have a clear picture of where we are at. We have to take an honest assessment of ourselves free of judgement. Any lack of acceptance of where we are will inhibit our ability to be truthful and objective.

Make an intention to cultivate inner awareness to enable you to connect to your true authentic self by consciously create sacred time. Remove yourself from distraction and allow yourself to settle into stillness to ensure your ability to journey inward.

Observation Meditation