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From Mundane to Mindfulness

It was a cold, windy morning. I felt somewhat rundown and out of sorts so I decided to forego my boxing class and I opted for sitting in bed, sipping coffee, and watching raindrops ripple on the pond.

I look forward to my boxing class every week. It’s an early class on Saturday morning but I’m an early riser so it fits perfectly in my schedule. It’s a high energy class and I feel on top of the world afterwards. But there are times when I can sense that my energy is low and self-care is needed more. Because I cultivated greater self-awareness, it is now easier for me to honor how I feel without feeling guilty or pressuring myself to do something I’m not physically or mentally up to.

I craved a “bigger” breakfast and set out to make my favorite kind. My favorite type of cooking is when I methodically prepare the ingredients with presence and mindfulness. It’s a wholistic sensory experience… chopping vegetables and feeling their texture between my fingers, drinking their gorgeous color, listening to the sizzle, and smelling its deliciousness.

When a meal is just as enjoyable to make as it is to eat, I’m fully satisfied. I don’t always have this practice in the morning, but when I do… it’s next level living.

Simple mundane tasks can become a mindful experience. It has less to do with the task at hand and more to do with the process and intention. When you can slow down enough to be present, you can tune into the subtle nuances of the experience.

One of the most relaxing things I have experienced is washing dishes. Hearing the running water, smelling the dish soap, and feeling my hands submerged in the warm water create an immersion that engulfs my senses. Time slows down and I am suspended in presence.

It puts me in a different state. Having something tangible like sensory stimuli helps to pull you into present moment awareness. When I focus intently on the task at hand, my mind is naturally drawn away from obsession and worry. I am completely imbued with what I am experiencing in real time.

The great thing about an experience of this nature is that you don’t have to wait for anything miraculous to happen. Miraculous things are happening around us all the time. All we have to do is tune into it.

The practice of mindfulness begins by setting an intention to be present. If we take a walk outside, we can tune our attention towards what we are experiencing. We can tune into the sounds, feel the elements on our skin and the fresh air in our nostrils, and notice the texture of things we touch like the roughness of tree bark or the smoothness of a rock. It is necessarily the walk in nature that transforms us but the sensory-focused awareness that we choose to adapt.

Anything has the potential for mindfulness, even chaos.

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