Our best self already exists… all we need to do is unlock it. Prolonged and unaddressed stress and trauma can cause us to be blocked. As a result, our desires of wanting to feel loved, successful, abundant, accepted, secure and worthy become thwarted and appear out of reach.

The truth is… our desired feeling states are never acquired externally. They exist within. The journey towards wholeness requires that we face what we’ve been trying to escape. Our opportunity, then, is to remove our blockage of personal greatness.

Blockages manifest as:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Feeling stuck
  • Physical aches and pain
  • Lethargy and diminished energy
  • Confusion and lack of clarity
  • Feelings of helplessness and powerlessness
  • Victimization
  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Disappointment

About Integrative Alchemy Sessions

Integrative Alchemy utilizes movement, meditation, mindfulness and a multitude of healing modalities to facilitate change. This wholistic approach draws from a variety of traditional ancient practices blended with contemporary practices to enhance wellness.

Sessions include:

  • Breathwork
  • Centering and grounding exercises
  • Movement: yoga & qigong
  • Somatic exercises
  • Sound healing
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness

What can I expect in a session?

The beginning of a session will entail sitting and talking about what your objectives are for the session. At this time, you are free to share anything that feels relevant or something you’d like to verbalize.

We’ll begin centering and grounding through breathwork and take a few moments of mindfulness. This is the perfect opportunity to allow your intentions to integrate into your being.

Next, we’ll begin our movement segment which might entail a gentle flow yoga and qigong practice. We’ll infuse somatic exercises and creative movement.

Relaxation and meditation will follow with the infusion of sound healing and quiet time for integration.

We’ll end our session together by talking about your experience during the session, what came up for you and how to support yourself over the next few days to get the most out of the practice.

Who can benefit from Integrative Alchemy sessions?

Anyone can benefit from Integrative Alchemy. You don’t have to be at a particular fitness level or have prior experience to benefit. Sessions meet you where you are and accommodate anyone.

Results will vary from person to person. Your experience will be reflective of where you are on your own personal journey.

How can I prepare for a session?

You can prepare for a session by getting clear on your intentions and deciding what you would like to see unfold in your experience. You will be provided with some prompts to help you gain greater clarity, but you are welcome to come to your session completely open.

Reframe from eating a heavy meal and if possible, avoid caffeine.

How long are sessions?

Sessions range from 90 minutes to 120 minutes depending on your objective and will be determined prior to your session.

What can I expect after a session?

Your post-session experience will be unique to you. There could be a wide range of experiences depending on where you are at in your healing journey.

What follow-up activities are suggested?

You can decide what feels appropriate for you. Perhaps something gentle would support you best after a session. That might include journaling, napping, a walk in nature, reading or simply relaxing in your favorite manner.

It is recommended to avoid eating heavy meals or drinking alcohol. Eat a light meal and drink lots of water. Be sure to get sufficient sleep.

You will be provided with some suggested activities to support you during your continued progress of healing and wellness.