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Make Peace With the Process

Change typically follows a particular sequence of events. First, you decide in your mind that you want a different experience. Then you figure out what needs to happen to facilitate the desired outcome. You take actionable steps to bring your desire to fruition.

What happens, though, when you go through all of the steps to manifest what you want, and nothing happens? What if a considerable amount of time passes… and still, nothing?

I can speak from an impassioned position on this topic. As I write this post, I am still in the midst of exerting considerable time and effort to making major changes. Most of the changes I wish to see come into manifestation is contingent on one change in particular. This change encompasses putting myself in a much healthier financial situation. The subsequent goals will most likely fall in line once this is achieved. Unless I become the recipient of a large amount of money (and I emphasize that this is highly unlikely), my much needed increase in income will come from obtaining a higher paying job.

Once a new higher paying gig materializes, I can address other important goals like reducing debt, affording healthier lifestyle choices, securing the home of my dreams, having the financial freedom to travel, investing in causes I am passionate about and so forth. Until my income increase goal is realized, my other goals are in limbo. It has been an agonizing sixteen month effort that has yet to come to fruition. The visceral angst that I contend with daily due to the lack of desired manifestation despite considerable effort is staggering.

In the past, I considered myself a powerful manifester. I would visualize what I wanted while conjuring up the feeling state associated with my desired goal. Typically, within a short period of time, I was enjoying the fruits of my efforts.

It makes me question… why are things so different now?

I am intimately familiar with the ideology that our belief system matches up with a physical reality. When we hold something consistently in our consciousness, it gets registered in our brain as something important. The “unimportant” information gets filtered out. This is our Reticular Activation System (RAS) as work.

The way our RAS works in conjunction to our goals is that with the conscious act of defining goals, we can then attract the resources that will help bring them to fruition.

Now… this is far from what my experience has been. Even with a considerable amount of focused intention over the duration of a significant amount of time, I feel stuck in every version of my life that I feel I’ve outgrown and grown weary of. The more I hold this in consciousness, the more this dynamic gets perpetuated.

Here is where the conundrum lies. While logic and science might point to the fact that what we think about, we bring about… there could be inexplicable nuances that we are not aware of. While I don’t consciously know what is holding me back, I am beginning to see how my desperate state is keeping what I want at bay.

My conclusion is this… we continue to hold the vision while trusting the process. The process entails being open to and accepting not only the way things manifest but also the time it takes to do so.


I asked myself “How can I find peace with this process when what I want seems to be eluding me?” The answer, I believe, lies in gratitude. Gratitude grounds us in the present. Gratitude shows us what we have in the here and now. Gratitude shifts our feeling state from lack into abundance.

Finding peace with this process and the outcome will take growth on my part. It’s a challenge for me to balance wanting something but finding peace with not having it. I can’t say that I’ve mastered this. It’s another process.

Here are some affirmations that are helping to guide me:

  • My life is unfolding in divine harmony.
  • In this moment, I am OK.
  • I have everything I need.
  • I can handle anything that comes my way.
  • I believe in myself and my abilities.
  • I am doing my best.
  • I accept myself exactly as I am.

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