A state of constant uncertainty can render us unsettled and anxious. Learning to foster peace within will help buffer the distressing impact of external chaos.

Passages of Peace is a collection of motivational messages designed to help cultivate greater awareness and inspire a more mindful approach to everyday life. Each passage addresses common experiences we all face at some point along our journey and offers a useful perspective to help navigate through challenges and changes with greater ease and equipoise.  

I LOVE this book!

Such an incredibly inspirational book! Every page has touching insight to help navigate through life. It’s on my kitchen table for daily inspiration and came with me on vacation!

Peggy O.

What the world needs right now!

This book is for anyone looking for peace within themselves and this crazy world we are living in. The author has such a way with words and everything she writes is like she is looking through a window into your soul. Reading this will make you feel seen and understood and most importantly, that you are not alone. Run, don’t walk to pick up this book and add it to your arsenal of life tools!

Cher K.

This book will definitely enhance your life

This book is full of wisdom and love. I use the passages as a daily devotional of sorts and it really helps me stay grounded, encouraged and inspired.

Antionette Porter