Are you looking to implement change in your life but are missing the catalyst that will propel you from where you are to where you want to be? Maybe you are lacking the clarity about what you really want, the courage to initiate a plan or the motivation to transcend your dream into reality.

This workbook can help you peel away some of the layers so that you can gain better understanding of what might be holding you back. Once issues are brought out into the open, you can begin the process of transforming old patterns that keep you stuck, and adopt new thoughts and behaviors that support your evolution.

While this workbook alone may not act as the single driving force for the change you desire, it is an important component in an arsenal of tools you can utilize. No one practice or technique is the answer. Instead, this will work in conjunction with the other practices that you use to gain clarity and vision.

For change to manifest in our physical reality, inner change must happen first. Our experiences are a mirror to the belief systems that govern our thinking. By addressing our core issues, we set the stage for our best self and finest expression of our life.