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Wildfire Kindness

I was standing in line a few days ago waiting for my turn to check out. I was in a dazed, zombie-like state, feeling somewhat impatient as I occasionally do when I can’t do something immediately. I was only second in line.

I rarely opt for the “live” cashier as I much prefer self-checkout. It seems to go faster and whether or not that is the case, I feel as if I directly impact the pace. The section I was in did not have that option.

The woman in front of me was talking to the cashier and I could overhear her telling the cashier how pleasant she always is and how she misses seeing her friendly face when she is not working. The customer then went on to say that her daughter had the same wonderful experience when she encountered her.

The cashier appeared slightly uncomfortable with the seemingly unexpected praise, yet she was delighted. She smiled, as did the other employee standing behind her. I even woke up out of my stupor and joined in on the pleasant exchanges.

“I always try to spread kindness wherever I go” she said. Her words reverberated within me, reminding me that I always have an opportunity to spread kindness.

In the past, I have acted on my impulse to convey kind sentiments. I would consider myself a complimentary person and I try to take the time to submit positive reviews. Unfortunately, I have veered from this tendency. I don’t express my thoughts as nearly as often as I used to.

It makes me wonder if this is in direct correlation to my state of mind. Lately, I have felt “off” and much more inward. I have also been expressing my dismay about the “state of things”. Again, this perception of the environment could greatly be impacted by my mood. The world is merely a mirror.

I had been vocalizing my dismay recently with a friend. I realize that not only am I choosing a limited lens to see the world, I’m spreading negative juju. Tisk-tisk.

Witnessing this exchange between the customer and cashier has amplified my awareness about my mindset and consequent behavior. While I can’t fake feeling good or express kindness unauthentically, I can be more mindful about the energy I put out into the world. It reminds me to “Be the Change”. Because I understand that our attitude and energy is contagious, it inspires me to be and do better.

We can all do our part to affect positive change. That’s a very powerful and empowering statement. If we internalize that we can impact our surroundings by choosing the energy we wish to hold, we are enhancing the world around us. It’s time to start taking responsibility and making a difference.

That process entails being aware of your own state. It also encompasses being in tune to your surroundings. While cultivating your own peaceful mindset have a positive effect, outward gestures can take it even further.

Look for opportunities to express kindness. Maybe that entails simply smiling in someone’s direction or doling out compliments. Small gestures can have HUGE impacts!

Let love and kindness beam out of you like the bat signal. Throw a compliment out there in the world and let it spread like wildfire.

WE are responsible for what happens. Stop holding that good s#$@ in and let the world see your beauty… and how beautiful you think they are.


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